The American Red Cross honored local heroes during the 8th annual Heroes Luncheon. Among the brave men and women recognized, Lt. Cmdr Tim White gave his first TV interview describing his experiences during the July 16th shootings.

Lt. Cmdr Tim White says the community has been so supportive since the attacks.
White wants to thank everyone for donating their time and money to help the victims and their families, and for showing the local military their support.

"We've been receiving cards, and letters, and gifts to the units and it's been overwhelming, it's been really amazing," White said.

Lt. Cmdr White and his family came to Chattanooga in April. Three months later, a man attacked the Naval Operations base where Lt. White was working, killing five service members.
Lt. Cmdr White fired back at the shooter with his own personal weapon.

"I feel like I was in a situation...the circumstances were presented to me and I feel like a lot of people would have reacted in a similar way than I did,"  White said.

Lt. Cmdr White says he's humbled to be recognized with a Hometown Hero award for his actions on July 16th and praises local law enforcement for their heroic actions that day.
Among the crowd was CPD Officer Dennis Pedigo, still recovering from the bullet wound to his leg.

"They didn't know how many shooters there were," White said, "They rushed in with complete disregard to their own safety and just trying to save the lives of others."

Since the shootings, things have been different for Lt. Cmdr White and his military co-workers.
They no longer report to the Naval Operations Center on Amnicola Highway.

"We're working in a different location, and we're also busy working to implement some changes and policy," White said, "And it's a shift in mindset for our units."

The Navy is investigating everything from structural changes to military bases, to additional security measures on site.
Hoping to prevent another shooting involving military members at home.

"We're busy implementing those policies and getting used to what the new norm is for us," said White.

While there was some controversy surrounding Lt. White's use of a personal firearm that day, the Navy has not filed any charges against him.