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City to pay $150,000 in settlement charges to Pet Company

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A former pet store's lawsuit against the McKamey Animal Center has been settled. It's been decided that McKamey wrongfully raided the pet company store in the Hamilton Place Mall, five years ago.

The city of Chattanooga has agreed to pay $150,000 dollars in damages to the former pet company.

At the city council meeting Tuesday evening the city attorney addressed the council and public about the lawsuit.

The $150,000 the city will pay is a lot less than the 10 million dollars the pet company originally wanted.

One local council member says he is glad this lawsuit is now off the table for the city.  “I am happy we were able to come to an agreement and settlement in this particular suit based on the city's liability because Mckamey acted as our agent in the terms of enforcing our animal control ordinance,” said Larry Gorhn.

In 2010 a judge ruled the animals must be returned from McKamey to the pet company. A year later the pet store closed.

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