If you drive Interstate 75 you may want to stay away from a well-traveled exit in Cleveland. 

Traffic patterns are about to change near Exit 20 that could impact drivers both on and off the interstate. 

An estimated 10,000 vehicles drive through the Exit 20 interchange every day and 60,000 drive up and down the stretch of I-75 at exit 20.

"This is a major phase in this job," says Jennifer Flynn with TDOT. "There's going to be a lot of moving parts. A lot of action happening out there."

TDOT crews are preparing to put the final touches on the exit 20 interchange project.
"The traffic switch will take a lot of time and lot of patience. If you do want to go through that area you're going to have to be patient because there may be times you're going to be stopped for a while," says Flynn.

Starting at 8 o'clock Wednesday morning, traffic will be shifted on to new on and off ramps, as well as the new bridge, which is expanding from two lanes to six.

 "If you do go through there just pay attention to any signs that are out there or any direction from the Tennessee Highway Patrol or from the crews that are assisting directing traffic. We'll have message boards. Things like that," says Flynn.

TDOT suggests drivers use alternate routes if they can. 
"There's Exit 25. Exit 27. And then there's Lee Highway. People in the area do know the alternate routes and if they can, that would be my advice, is to use those."

 "After it gets up and going it's going to be good," says driver Neftaly Cedeno.

Cedeno knows the busy Exit 20 interchange all too well.
"I drive it every morning to go to work," says Cedeno.

He is ready for smoother sailing on his ride to work come Thursday.
"You kind of have to leave home earlier than you would expect because you have to deal with the traffic here almost every day. So I'm kind of looking forward to it opening up," he says.

"People really will see a difference and it think that they'll be very pleased," says Flynn.

"You get to sleep in. You don't have to leave home about 25 minutes early so you can try to make it to work on time. So, it'll be awesome," says Cedeno.

This project has been two years in the making.

It is expected to be complete by the end of November.