UPDATE: Chattanooga police have one suspect in custody, and are searching for a second after a morning shooting on W. 38th Street Tuesday morning.

Witnesses say it happened outside a bus stop as children and teenagers were standing nearby.

"A car drove by with a blue bandana and they said somebody's name. They said a child's name," said Latoya Hunt.

Eyewitness Latoya Hunt said the shooters first yelled a warning, waved a blue bandana and then the shots began.

"Next thing I know: BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! And I was in there with my other two children. I had one child out here, on the ground and dodging bullets," she said.

Hunt and her three children, ages 18, 17 and 15, were unharmed. Police never found anyone at the scene with a gunshot wound and no one has shown up a local hospital yet to seek treatment. Hunt says the warning likely saved the lives of children standing around by giving them a chance to run.

"You shoot people in my city, it hurts me and I'll be out here with it," said Police Chief Fred Fletcher.

Chief Fletcher and other officers talked with residents of Alton Park who are fed up with hearing gunshots at all hours of the day.

Just this past weekend, 24-year-old Darrell Bridges was shot at the same location. Channel-3 records show a total of five people have been shot on that section of West 38th Street since May alone.

Tuesday's search for suspects took police three miles away to East Lake Courts where they found the stolen silver Infiniti believed to be involved in the incident. Police sya that car was taken in a carjacking from Knoxville.

At least one person was taken into custody at the public housing site off Fourth Avenue but police continue to search for at least one more person.

If you have any information that could help police, call 698-2525.

PREVIOUS STORY: A call of shots being fired near the Bethlehem Center in Chattanooga sent police searching for possible victims or suspects Tuesday morning.

Chattanooga police spokesman Kyle Miller says there are currently no victims that police have found.

Five people have been shot in the same area on West 38th Street since May.

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