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3 ON YOUR SIDE: Leak floods Dalton family's yard

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Braxten is your typical four year old boy: He loves his dogs, playing outside and isn't afraid to get dirty.

Which is why Zach Laird and his wife wanted to make this his home four months ago. It has a big, fenced in yard and isn't too far from family.

But not long after moving in, Laird discovered a problem trickling in.

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"It runs straight down the hill until the road starts going back up and it cuts off in my yard and starts flooding it from there," he said.

A leak in the water line underground and it's gotten so bad, it floods a good portion of Laird's backyard.

"It runs all the way across my property from the road all the way into the woods," he said, "Now I can't mow twice the amount of yard that I could before."

After several calls to Dalton Utilities, there's been no remedy.

"We called them and they came out to fix it. But they didn't fix it. They made it worse," he said, "They had a front end loader and a backhoe out here and a whole grew of guys. They worked at least six hours, they left and put gravel over it and left a whole pile of dirt in my yard."

That's why Laird said he turned to 3 On Your Side, to make this backyard a place where his son Braxten can safely play again

Dalton Utilities tell Channel 3 they are looking into the problem.

Shortly after Channel 3 started working on this story, Dalton Utilities contacted Laird saying they will be out to fix the leak Tuesday morning.

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