With 80 days left of 2015 Chattanooga has already recorded more shootings year to date than in 2014. 107 shooting incidents have occurred in the city since the start of the year. Five of those shootings occurring this weekend, alone.

This weekend's shootings are a reminder to one family on the heartbreak so many families in our area are facing.


It has been six months since Kentrell Provens was shot and killed walking through his neighbor. The family says they have no answers to who did this and why. They say they won't stop fighting until they know who killed their little boy.

Teddy bears and a weathered shirt hang on an old oak tree marking the spot Kentrell Provens was gun downed six months ago.

“To wake up every day knowing I am not going to hear his voice, I am not going to see his face, he is not going to call and check in on me, no phone calls to his nieces and nephews, it hurts,” said his older sister Curesha.

On April 12th Kentrell was shot to death while walking down a neighborhood street with friends. His family doesn't believe Kentrell was the intended victim. They are still searching for answers.

“Months later you know nothing, heard nothing, no one said anything and it is like the police want you to keep going on everyday like it is normal but it is not.”

Police tell Channel 3 they are continuing to follow leads as they look into Kentrell’s case.

“Every shooting, every assault is unique, because every single person has value, and we take each of them seriously as individual crimes and the losses to their family and the community,” said Chief Fletcher.

But Curesha is still hoping to find closure in her grief “At the end of the day it is ridiculous to have a 16 year old gunned down and nothing be done about it.”

So as the weeks turn into months, the Provens' family know they will never get their boy back. But they do hope one day they will have the closure they so desperately need.

“I miss my brother, he was my best friend. Everything we did, we did together.”
If you have any information or tips which may lead to an arrest of the shooter or shooters you are asked to call the Chattanooga Police.