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Ben Carson makes a stop in the Scenic City

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Hundreds of people lined up to meet Dr. Ben Carson. Carson is closer than he's ever been to becoming president. 

“There is just this happy feeling inside, this is really cool. I’m meeting one of my heroes,” said Nick Walters.

The long line kept some from meeting the neurosurgeon. One person who did get the chance was Luke Armstrong. 

“It was very fun to see him, because he basically saved my life,” said Luke Armstrong.

The 14 year old was just a baby when Dr. Carson rebuilt his skull. Armstrong’s mother believes Carson has what it takes to rebuild the country.

“He reads a lot, he's studied everything. I think he's going to do a great job, he's got character,” said Susan Armstrong.

Dr. Carson is surging despite controversial comments about the holocaust and victims of gun violence.

“My agenda is to stop all the hatred, and all the divisiveness. It seems like there are people who just looks for any reason to stoke up division,” said Dr. Ben Carson, Presidential candidate. 

Carson admits he is a bit surprised at how quickly he has risen in the polls.

“As more people get to know you and realize who you really are as opposed to whom people say you are, it will take care of yourself,” said Carson.
After Chattanooga, Dr. Carson drove to Knoxville for another book-signing. His visit follows Republicans Rick Santorum in June, Ted Cruz in August, and Marco Rubio in September. The first Democratic debate is on Tuesday.

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