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McCallie dedicates football field to longest serving coach

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As players at McCallie took the field Friday, they were reminded of a man who helped shape the football program into what it is today. 

Students, faculty and alumni dedicated the school's football field to coach Pete Potter, McCallie's longest serving football coach. 

"Great coaches can bring out the best not just on the field or basketball court, but they really bring out the best in a person," Headmaster Lee Burns said. 

Potter also brought home the most wins. But not only did he help define the program, Burns says he also defined the players he coached. 

"He built men. He built men of character and integrity and honor and resilience and great sportsmanship," he added. 

"I had studied all of Pete's systems about football and the way he coached it," Assistant Headmaster Kenny Sholl said.

Sholl coached under Potter back in the mid-80's. He remembers being interviewed for the position. 

"He didn't ask me a thing about football, it was all about boys and how you coach and how you get the best out of them, what your priories are, what's important. I knew the kind of man I was working for right then," Sholl added. 

Pete Potter's ability to coach his players on and off the field is what will be remembered for many years to come. 

"He loved us unconditionally and pushed us. He was really something special," Sholl said. 

The night was even more special to Potter's family because Pete Potter's son Ralph currently serves as McCallie's head football coach. He now coaches on a field dedicated to his father. 

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