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Young girl helps return lost K-9 Deputy Kada

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The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office says K-9 Deputy Kada is just as skilled at escaping from her pen as she is at catching criminals.
After the 5-year-old Dutch Shepherd got loose Thursday, she found a new friend a couple houses down the street.

"We didn't want to touch her or anything and just let her get a sniff of us and then here comes my daughter walking out the door and just goes straight down into the dog's face and petting her and loving on her," said Lacy Stoglin.


A day off from school during fall break turned into a day 9-year-old Elliana Stoglin will never forget.
She says she found a new friend instantly after a strange dog ran into the family's yard.

"She was actually really nice, and she was very playful," Elliana said.

And she said the dog was really good at following commands.

"How a dog that I've never seen before just played with me like that," Elliana said.

"The dog tried to jump up and my daughter said sit, and the dog went straight down," Lacy said, "She sat for her, and she just pet her and loved on her."

While Elliana and the dog played in the back yard, her mother went looking for its owner.

"I went on this back street here and I searched about eight different houses," Stoglin said, "Knocking on doors, everybody said no they didn't know."

After hours with no luck, Stoglin went to a nearby deputy's house, thinking maybe he could help.
It turns out, that deputy was the one missing his K-9.

"I was so surprised that I got to play with a real K9 police officer."

Elliana says until now she's only seen K-9 officers during class visits, and she was never allowed to take them to play fetch.
She's grateful K-9 Kada is back at home and back on the job.

"She knows the bond between owner and dog and she knows how heartbreaking it is," Stoglin said, "And she was determined that we were going to find that dog's owner today."

To make her time with K-9 Kada even more special, Elliana and her mom got to meet the deputy handler today and he promised more visits with K-9 Kada in the future.
The sheriff's office says they're looking into the construction of the dog's pen, and how exactly Kada managed to escape.

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