Courtney Evans says in her 19 years she has known more than 40 people who died too young, the victims of gun violence. She’s calling on Chattanooga teens to put down their guns. Evans recently released a music video she hopes conveys a simple message.

“Put the guns down,” said Evans.

Courtney wrote the song after her friend, Jordan Clark, was gunned down in August. That was the point she decided enough was enough and she needed to send her community a message. 

“When I see people die, it's like they are just killing for fun now,” said Evans.

Courtney was friends with dozens of shooting victims in Chattanooga, their faces remembered by the shirt she wore for the music video. She says not all of her friends who have died were in gangs. 

“Sometimes it's been crossfire, some people didn't mean to die,” said Evans. 

Patricia Patillo joined Courtney for the video shoot. Her child's father Malik Blackstock was killed in April, when Patricia was 7 months pregnant. 
The two hope the video will continue to gain attention, and the people watching will take the lyrics to heart. 

“I hope people really just take the song, and just try to change stuff around,” said Patillo. 

Courtney’s video, which is circulating on Facebook and Youtube, has been viewed more than 15,000 times.
The Chattanooga Police Department says there have been 95 shooting incidents so far this year. 60 of those involved a gang member.