(WIS)  It was early in the morning on Sunday. It was dark and it was raining very hard. That wasn't going to stop Clara Gantt from going to church.

Around 6 a.m., she left her daughter's home near Blythewood, South Carolina for the trip to her home church, Three Rivers Baptist Church in Irmo.

Hidden by the darkness and blinding rain was floodwater crossing the road near Lake Elizabeth.

As she entered the waters, her car started to float. 

"I knew there was water out there, but I didn't know that it was going to stall me and I did," Gantt said. She immediately realized she was in trouble. She tried to call 911. Nobody answered. She was finally able to get in touch with her family.

Her grandson, Travis Catchings, came with the harness off of a deer stand and some rope. 

He got to his grandmother, whose car had been washed off of the road into a church yard at Jordan Independent Church. 

"I got the door open and got her out of the car," Catchings said. "At that point we had to just sit there and wait."

"There was a little church right there. Where my car stopped was right beside a huge red cross," Gantt said. " I was literally, after I got out of the car, holding onto the cross. I was clinging to the cross."

Gantt and her grandson would cling to the cross for the next five hours.

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