In Dade County, Georgia, school officials say it's time to respect the bus.  Some recent school bus accidents spurred the county to update its camera system, adding new cameras on the exterior of the bus.  If you fail to obey the stop sign, you're going to pay a fine ranging from $300 to $1,000.

Every school bus in the county is now equipped with a high definition camera, positioned underneath the stop sign.  Most offenders fail to stop when meeting an oncoming bus, sometime due to texting.  The camera records the video, enabling school officials and law enforcement officers to zoom in on the tag number, or from the other direction, get a crystal clear description of the make, model and often, even the driver.

These outdoor cameras are an addition to interior bus cameras, which have long been used to monitor student behavior.  The Dade buses now include 3 high-def cameras inside the bus, recording video and audio, ending all debate on who did what to whom.

Superintendent Cherie Swader said it was time to update the bus cameras, and School Board members were pleased to learn due to reduced costs, the improved technology available today is not only affordable, but will provide more safety for students.

Transportation Director Dan Blevins said the exterior cameras are new to the North Georgia area, but he expects them to be widely used on all school buses in the future.