You see it as soon as you pull up to the house.

From the flying Tennessee flags to the orange front door, Elfrieda Graves and her family are all Vol.

"I love watching games with her," says her grandson Nathaniel Furrer, "She's yelling - Good play! Or, good job, guys!"

"No matter if they win or lose she says they are my boys," said granddaughter Hannah Furrer.

So when Elfrieda's 88th birthday approached, it only seemed fitting, too, that "Nanny" deserved a gift from her favorite football player of all time, Peyton Manning.

"I can't explain it, it's always been there since the first time I saw him play," said Elfried, "I just got transfixed with it, because not too many people can throw a ball like him."

"She said she didn't want any presents for her birthday or party or anything," said Hannah, "So I wrote him a letter asking him to send her a birthday card."

In just two weeks the Denver Bronco quarterback - and former University of Tennessee great - sent a response and a gift Elfrieda never expected.

"I was so taken back I started crying for joy," said Elfrieda.

"Nanny is such a character, so we knew any reaction we got out of her would be entertaining," said Hannah.

Manning sent a signed poster of himself playing in a Broncos game and message for the birthday girl.

"Happy 88th birthday, thanks for your support of me, all my best to you, Peyton Manning. Number 18," reads Elfrieda.

Even though they've never met, she feels Peyton is family.

"I've been watching him so many years, and he is like one of my grandsons," she said. "Just liking the way he played, the way he conducted himself."

Of course, all grandchildren deserve the best spot in the house and Elfrieda has already decided she will hang the framed poster among her grandkids' pictures.

"He is definitely a good model for what he does," said Elfrieda.

"Just that he would take five minutes out of his day to sign that, somebody he had never met that's all the way across the country, that's amazing to me. It just shows his character."

While this present is one of her favorites, Elfrieda says the best gift will always be her family.

"That's a great gift for me, each and every birthday - to be here with them," she said.

Elfrieda is now an NFL football fan just because of Peyton Manning. She says she wishes someday she could sit down and have a cup of coffee with him.