Homeowners on one Rossville street say sewer line work is causing their road to cave in. Part of Ann Street in Rossville is starting to sink. Neighbors on the street say they have been getting mixed messages on who is responsible.

"It's caving in," says Devona Sears, who lives on Ann Street.

With the recent heavy rain, a private drive connected to Ann Street in Rossville is a muddy mess.

"It just gets deeper and deeper and deeper. And keeps opening up wider," says Sears.

The private drive is filled with puddles of water and on one side the shoulder is caving in.
"They used a private company to dig this part up and the whole center of the road caved in," says Sears.

Sears is not as concerned with the condition of the private road but what could happen to the paved road that half a dozen homeowners depend on.

Earlier this year, a homeowner on the private drive got the necessary permit and paid a contractor to dig a ditch so they could lay pipe to connect to the city sewer.

As a result, part of the county road started caving in too.

 "We can't get any help. Just get the runaround every time we call somebody," says Sears. "The county came out and filled it in with gravel for us. Now they're telling us it's the city's problem."

The Walker County road supervisor tells Channel 3 it "doesn't have a dog in the fight" because the city approved the sewer tap.
"They say to call the county. The county says to call the city. And it's just back and forth back and forth," says Sears.

The Rossville city street department supervisor tells Channel 3 the city can not take any action because the project took place in the county.

But both the city and county put down gravel as a temporary solution and both agree the responsibility ultimately falls on the homeowner to fix it.
"In the meantime, if it gets any worse we'll have to drive through my neighbor's yard and go around it," says Sears.

We reached out to the contractor the homeowner hired. He says he strictly dug the ditch and that was it.

We also reached out to the homeowner as well. She was not home and we could not reach her by phone but her son tells us the condition of the road is concerning and they are working to make improvements.

The county has the option of taking the homeowner to court but the road supervisor has not decided if that is necessary.

Other neighbors can also take civil action if they want but they say they do not want to sue, they just want a viable solution.