Erlanger Hospital and former interim  CEO, Charlesetta Woodard-Thompson, have reached a mutually acceptable settlement in regards of $25 million dollar lawsuit, after more than two years of litigation, said in a press release. 

According to the press release, under the terms of the agreement Ms. Woodard-Thompson will receive a check of $120,00 reflecting three months wages and a check of $480,000 reflecting reimbursement for compensatory and other non-wage items. Her counsel, Lawrence and Lawrence, will receive $300,000. The settlement follows the advise from Erlanger's D & O insurer, who will be contributing to the settlement. 

This settlement is comparable to what Erlanger had agreed to pay Ms. Woodard-Thompson more than two years ago, but was refused by her at that time.   

In agreeing to the terms, Ms. Woodard-Thompson has acknowledged and agreed not to disparage Erlanger and that she has received all pay to which she was entitled during her employment with Erlanger.   

Woodard-Thompson did not make a comment about the settlement.