The door to the Meigs County Register of Deeds office is closed. The light's turned off because of a problem traveling through the air. 

"You walk in, you smell it. You see it. It's just everywhere," Meigs County Register of Deeds Janie Stiner said. 

Mold. It got so bad Stiner says it forced her out of her office. 

"It's dangerous when you have it all over the place and you're touching it and coming into contact with it. So we finished up everything we could that day, it was a Friday, and then we closed," Stiner added. 

Inspectors found the mold in Stiner's office and a basement-like room directly below. They believe a malfunctioning air unit is the cause. 

"We've had wet floors for about six months and our papers have felt wet and damp," she said. 

While the other offices in the Meigs County Courthouse are safe, Stiner is forced to work out of a temporary location across the street. The set up may not be ideal, but it's safe. 

"We can get everything off the computer, you just can look in the books. Some people have to look in the books for things. They feel they need to look in the older books themselves instead of using the computer," Stiner said. 

Once the air unit is fixed, a company will come in and professionally clean the room from top to bottom. The tough part will be preserving the documents that hold much of the history in Meigs County. 

Stiner doesn't have a time from for when they will be back in the courthouse just yet. 

If you need to get in touch with the Meigs County Register of Deeds office, call the county mayor's office at 423-334-5850.