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Chattanooga pill mill owner sentenced to 44 years in prison

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A Chattanooga woman charged with operating a pill mill was sentenced to serve 44 years in federal prison Thursday.

Faith Blake, 40 will have to serve three years of supervised probation upon her release.  She was also ordered to forfeit more than 2-million dollars, the amount representing the gross income generated by her illegal clinics. 

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Blake pleaded guilty to a federal grand jury indictment charging her with conspiring to distribute prescription drugs outside the scope of professional practice and not for a legitimate medical purpose.  She admitted to being involved in two drug conspiracies.

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One conspiracy involved Superior One Medical Clinic, which she co-owned with her mother Barbara Lang, who was also charged in this case.  The other conspiracy involved Elite Care Medical Clinic, which was solely owned by Blake.  Blake also pleaded guilty to failing to appear after she was released on conditions of bond and became a fugitive.  She was apprehended five months later in Maryland, living under an assumed name.

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