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Ex-Vol hoops coach Tyndall finds new life at Tennessee Wesleyan

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ATHENS, TN  (WRCB)  --  Former University of Tennessee Head Basketball Coach Donnie Tyndall settled in to his new job as Associate Athletic Director at Tennessee Wesleyan College Thursday, and WRCB was the only media outlet to check in on Tyndall during his first day on the job.

The 45 year old Tyndall, still reeling from his dismissal from UT after recruiting allegations surfaced from his last post at Southern Miss, says he's gracious in accepting the volunteer position with the Bulldogs when Tennessee Wesleyan Athletic Director Donny Mayfield offered.

" Well, I certainly want to get back into coaching and until this NCAA stuff is resolved and we have a kind of definite answer as to what we're dealing with, this is the next best thing for me," said Tyndall.

" We've had a staff meeting, we got to introduce him to all our coaches, walking him around campus, showing him where he needs to go," says Donny Mayfield, Tyndall's new boss at TWC. " I think its been a good day for us."

Tyndall consistently denies knowingly breaking any recruiting rules at Southern Miss and says he has yet to speak to his successor Rick Barnes, who was quickly hired by the University of Tennessee after his ouster at Texas.

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