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Veterans on the hunt for jobs

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David Spencer will hang his Army uniform up at the end of the month, and when he does he wants to have a full time job. 

“I did a lot of project management, did a lot of dealing with situations,” said David Spencer, Engineer Officer.

Spencer has worked as an engineer officer in the Army for more than a decade. Thursday, he and other vets went from table to table marketing themselves.

“We have manufacturers, we have banks. We have Lowes, and other big retailers on site,” said Darnell Walker, representative, Tennessee Department of Labor. 
Spencer developed several skill sets while in uniform. He says he wants to still put them to use.

“Manufacturing, strategy, anything in that genre would probably be a good fit,” said Spencer.

He’s crisscrossed the Southeast in hopes of finding a job, but no luck.

“It’s been pretty challenging. It’s been a lot of driving to different career fairs in different cities. Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Atlanta,” said Spencer.

At 44-years-old, Spencer will receive retirement benefits, but he says he built up a strong work ethic and isn't ready to quit yet.  

“I think what a lot of military people end up doing though is looking for those challenges after they get out and continue doing that, and be a contribution to society,” said Spencer.

Though he hasn't received any offers yet, Spencer believes one will come soon.

“Just praying about it. Keeping up hope that God's got a plan, that's helped me a lot,” said Spencer.

The unemployment rate for vets is over 6%. Paychecks for Patriots is in its fifth year. It’s a statewide event.

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