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Report reveals acts of heroism from July 16 shooting on Lee Highway

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We're hearing more first hand accounts and acts of heroism from the July 16th shooting at the U.S. Marine Recruiting Station on Lee Highway. 

A 41-page report issued by the Marine Corps includes statements, pictures and findings as investigators continue to piece together a timeline. 

The report shows one Marine "noticed out of the corner of his eye a silver Mustang pull up," around 10:45 a.m. "with two arms holding a weapon." 

When the first round hit the front glass window, other Marines reported thinking the sound was a firecracker. Another Marine reported "a few seconds pause between the first and the following shots. 

The heavily redacted report shows Gunnery Sergeant Camden Meyer shielded his young daughter during the gunfire. "I hit the floor and immediately began to flatten (her) body as flat as it could go and shielding it with my body from the fire." 

As others tried to escape, Camden ordered them to "stay down until a break in fire," because he "knew the shooter would have to switch weapons, change clips or reload."

He was right. About 10 seconds later that break came and he instructed everyone to run. He later told investigators "it wasn't his Anti-Terrorism training that helped in that moment, but Marine training and common sense." 

The four Marines, one civilian and two poolees (recruits awaiting Marine boot camp) got out through a back door. 

It was 10 minutes from the time of the first shot until the first call to 911. It wasn't until after police arrived that Sgt. DeMonte Cheeley realized he had been shot in the thigh. 

Many of these accounts show the weight of what happened inside the recruitment center didn't hit until much later. 

One Marine wrote, "Once I got home and saw the shootings all over the news, I remember thanking God for looking out for me and to be with the families of those who were killed." 

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