This week's suspect is no stranger to the criminal justice system. Catching him could clear a number of cases and make you some money, in the process. "Periodically, we'll notice a slight increase in some criminal activity like vehicle burglaries," said Chattanooga Police Officer Mark Frazer.

Often, that spike in crime can be attributed to one person. "It's not that our society is falling apart and everyone's turning to criminal behavior to get by," Off. Frazer explained. "It's because we have a few bad apples that choose to make their living off of your hard work."

Meet this week's bad apple. Police say Troy Byron Bodenhamer has created a one man crime spree, trolling parking lots on Brainerd and Shallowford roads, looting several vehicles of wallets, purses, and credit cards. "Public service announcement by Crime Stoppers: don't leave valuables in your car," Frazer said.

East Ridge also wants him for stealing a car. Help round him up. "We know him to hang out in the Brainerd, Ooltewah, Collegedale region," Frazer said.

Do you know Troy Bodenhamer? "If you hang out with Troy and are inclined to participate in the behaviors that he is participating in," Frazer said, "then, you probably are driven by money. I've got some money for you."

Up to $1,000 reward is waiting. "He'll never know who called," Frazer said of Bodenhamer. "Crime Stoppers is anonymous and we work very hard and very diligently to make sure that your identity remains unknown."

Bodenhamer turns 40 at the end of October. He could celebrate behind bars while you are cashing your check. "I'll see you that you get paid if you can give me good information on how to arrest Mr. Bodenhamer," Frazer added.

Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

If you leave a message, include a number for Officer Frazer to get back to you if he has further questions. But, again, he will never ask who you are.