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Two dogs shot and killed on Signal Mountain

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Dog owners on Signal Mountain are hoping to find answers in who shot and killed their pets.

Over the past few weeks, two dogs were found dead from gunshot wounds. An animal advocate says she wants other dog owners to be aware.

"It's hard to imagine there's somebody out there who would shoot a small animal like that," says Michele Brouse. "Somebody's out there shooting innocent animals. And these are pets. It's not just a wild dog out there."

Michele Brouse is a Signal Mountain business owner and animal advocate.
"I've been living up here for several years and I'm really involved with animals and I rescue animals so I'm a member of the 'Lost Dogs of Signal Mountain' on Facebook," says Brouse.

She wanted to get involved when she saw a 3-year-old dog, Si, went missing a few weeks ago, but then scrolled down to the comments.
"I saw that he had been shot," she says.

Si was found near the Lone Oak community center off Taft Highway.

Si's owner was too distraught to talk on camera. But he says he is at a loss for words.

"So sad. I feel so sad for those owners and the person that's doing this needs to be found. Needs to be caught."

Just few weeks before, about a half a mile away, another dog was shot and killed in its owner's front yard.
"I felt that it needed to be brought to attention so that maybe people could be on the look out. There's a lot of dogs on that page that are missing up here. And I'm sure everybody would be concerned and wouldn't want their dog to be shot," says Brouse.

Even though it happened on the Sequatchie side, Signal Mountain Police say they are aware of the shootings. One of its officers runs the lost dogs Facebook page.
"It's a profile of killers and that's what scares me the most."

Both Brouse and police warn pet owners to be vigilant.
"We have crime in Chattanooga. But up on Signal Mountain we kind of have this, maybe I want to say, false sense of security that everything, things like that don't happen up here. But it is happening up here. And it's scary to think it's right in our backyard," says Brouse.

We checked with the Sequatchie County Sheriff's Office. The one owner we spoke with said he didn't file a police report but police encourage you to do so in a situation like this because it helps if a witness were to come forward.

Bottom line, if you see suspicious activity, report it.

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