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UPDATE: Funeral announced for murder victim Kevin Albert

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Police identify Kevin Albert, 19, as last night's homicide victim. Police identify Kevin Albert, 19, as last night's homicide victim.

UPDATE: Kevin Montell Albert, Jr., 19, will be laid to rest Tuesday as police continue searching for his killer(s).

Albert graduated from Brainerd High School in May and was playing football for Arkansas Baptist College.

"Kevin was full of life with a lot of potential, with a bright future ahead of him," his obituary reads.

His funeral will be a 1 p.m. Tuesday at Olivet Baptist Church, where he was a member. Visitation will be begin at noon.

There have been no arrests in the September 30 murder on Rosemont Drive in Brainerd. If you have any information, you can leave an anonymous tip with Chattanooga Police at 698-2525.

PREVIOUS: A murder investigation is underway after Chattanooga police found a teenager shot to death.

19-year-old Kevin Albert Jr. was shot multiple times. Police found him dead in the roadway on Rosemont Drive.

"We heard what I thought was fireworks and then my husband said it was gunfire," said one witness, "I heard at least 15 - 18 and there were two different guns."

Another eyewitness wrote online about what he saw, saying "Two guys pushed a third guy out of the car lit him up and drove off."

Police believe this murder, like other recent cases, is gang-related. They say Albert is associated with the Rollin' 40 Crips and that he most likely knew the person or people responsible for his death.

"We have reason to believe the parties involved in this knew each other," said Police Chief Fred Fletcher, "So there is no particular reason to think that people living in that neighborhood are at an increased threat."

While police were on the scene investigating late into the night, many of the people living nearby stayed inside their homes with the doors locked.

"Locked up and stayed inside," said one witness, "And we also have video surveillance on our property so we just kind of scrolled through the cameras to keep an eye out of what's going on outside."

And now Chief Fred Fletcher is asking for their help.
Police are looking for a red, four-door sedan, that a witness says fled the scene.
They want to talk to any witnesses who heard, or saw, what happened.

"There are friends, family, acquaintances of Mr. Albert who have information about his behavior in the hours and days before this that are important to this investigation," Fletcher said.

Just hours before the shooting, Chattanooga city council voted to renew its $290,000 contract with Hope For The Inner City, a partner in the VRI initiative.

Chief Fletcher says he still believes in the VRI and based on Tuesday night's vote to renew its contract, the City Council believes in it too.

He has a message for anyone involved in gang-related activity in Chattanooga:

"We will help you if you let us, we will stop you if  you make us. Right now we need the community's help to find the people who killed Mr. Albert," said Fletcher.

Kevin Albert graduated from Brainerd High School earlier this year, his friends say football was a big part of his life.

But police say Albert is associated with the Rollin' 40 Crips.

There are between 800-900 validated gang members in Chattanooga and CPD says they're responsible for the majority of the city's crime.

"He was a validated gang member so he was in that group, but aside from that right now we don't have any intelligence that he was directly involved in specific violence," Fletcher said.

According to police, violent crime is down 4.7% from last year and property crime is down 22%.
Fletcher says he believes in three things when it comes to cutting down crime and they're all part of the VRI.
Community policing, intelligence-led policing and focused deterrence.

"Those three policing philosophy are the right way to do things. It is the future of modern policing," Fletcher said, "I believe in them, my executive staff believes in them , and as you saw at city council, they support and believe in them as well."

Albert's death marks the 22nd homicide so far this year. Last year there were 22 homicide's total.
It's also the 60th gang related shooting, out of 95 shootings city-wide.    
Police believe many of the recent shootings could be related and could be retaliation.

"Because he was in a gang, we will certainly deploy resources in anticipation of potential retaliation," Fletcher said.

Police say they have very limited information about the fatal shooting, but they are following the multiple leads they do have.

Anyone with information about the death to contact Chattanooga police at 423-698-2525.

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga police are investigating a body found shot to death near the Brainerd tunnels late Tuesday night on Missionary Ridge.

The body was found in the 3100 block of Rosemont Drive. The murder investigation is underway. 

Stay with Channel 3 for more on this developing story.

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