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Chattanooga woman wants speed bumps installed on street

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Natalie Wilson says nothing has changed since August when a car hit her nephew on Through Street. 

“You know they just feel like part of my yard is the getaway. They just drive straight through my yard,” said Natalie Wilson.

Last Friday,  Wilson came home to tire marks in her yard. Chattanooga Police tell Channel 3 it was a stolen car that cut through her yard on Friday.

On September 18th, Wilson sent this petition to the city asking for speed bumps.

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“Something got to give, somebody got to come and do something. Somebody need to help me,” said Wilson. 

Channel 3 reached out to Chattanooga Traffic Engineering Department and confirmed they have the request. The next step is a traffic study but, that will be weeks away.

“They need to come out here and do your job. We city officials, we voted you in. Come out here and do your job,” said Wilson. 

The city tells us more than 100 requests have come in since this time last year. They’ve only been able to complete six of them. 39 were denied, the rest are on the waiting list, just like this one.

“Once we get the results of those studies. We will share those with the residents so they know how fast the traffic is going and how much traffic is on the street,” said John Van Winkle, Chattanooga City Traffic Engineer.

If they find 85% of traffic going 10 miles over the 25 MPH speed limit, speed bumps may be put in on the street. 

“I’m just going to put it in the hands of the Lord, and hope they do something about it,” said Wilson. 

The city says they should be out here in two weeks to conduct the study. Wilson says she wants to put a fence around her house in the meantime, but money is the hold up for her.

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