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Children removed from home in meth lab raid

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A meth bust in Marion County puts 13 people, including a pregnant woman, inside the Marion County Jail.

People living near a South Pittsburg ball park had been complaining to police about the suspicious activity happening inside a nearby home.

When police searched the place they found a meth lab in the middle of the quiet neighborhood.

"It's a residential section, I know a lot of those people there and people living in that area are just hardworking, go to work everyday people," said Sheriff Burnett, "And I'm sure they don't want something like that in their neighborhood."

Police found 13 adults inside the home and a working meth lab in the shed behind it.
Sheriff Bo Burnett says the worst part was finding young children living in filth.
A two-year old and a four-year old were inside when police raided the place and a few more kids lived there but were at school at the time.

"It's just a bad, just a bad situation," Sheriff Burnett said, "And you know the officers were quite upset about the situation also. Everybody should be."
One of the women arrested was nine months pregnant. She was taken to the hospital Monday to give birth.
The child will be placed with the Department of Children's Services along with the rest of the kids involved.

"Well it's disturbing to everybody,  you know the officers and everybody, that a baby not even born is put in this position," Sheriff Burnett said.

The 13 arrested are Tina Hood, Jacqueline Hood, Charles David King, Cory King, James Daniel Kilgore, James Anthony Kilgore, Daryl Kilgore, Melinda Miller, Darrell Wingfield, Lisa Ann Russell, Bradley Reynolds, Brandon Condra and Zach Edwards.

All 13 are charged with felony child abuse and drug charges.
All of them have been in trouble with the law before.

"All of them were repeat offenders I believe," Sheriff Burnett said, "I recognize a lot of the names."

People who visit Lloyd Park for ball games will get used to seeing this caution tape outside the home but can also feel safer, knowing no more drugs will be made there.

"We quarantined the house, under federal law we have to quarantine it, so it's quarantined until it's released by the state, which will be months from now," Sheriff Burnett said.

The bond hearing for all 13 people arrested has been pushed back until Friday. Until then, they're all staying at the Marion County Jail.

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