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More clouds today. Only a sprinkle or two.

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Good Sunday.  We will continue to see clouds streaming in this morning.  With those clouds, we may see a few drizzles this morning.  This afternoon the chance for rain will be only 20% with mostly cloudy skies and a high of 79.

Tonight, we MAY get enough of a break in the clouds to view at least a portion of the total eclipse.  This is a special one as it is a convergence of 3 events.  First, it will be a "super moon".  That means the full moon is at it's closest point to the earth and will look really big and bright.  Second, it is a "blood moon".  that means that as Earth's shadow is cast on the moon, it will have a rustic, reddish hue.  Third, this will be a total eclipse, which means the earth's shadow will completely cover the moon from 10:11 to 11:23.  The moon will be entering it's partial phase just after 9pm.

Monday will see more clouds streaming in from the south.  I will give us a 30% chance for a few isolated showers through the day.  We should still manage a high of 82.

A front from the west will bring in another line of showers Tuesday.

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8am... Cloudy/Shower, 67

Noon... Mostly Cloudy, 72

5pm... Mostly Cloudy, 79

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