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Businesses prepare for Ironman rush

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Athletes competing in Sunday’s IRONMAN triathlon spent their Saturday prepping. But it's not only athletes that have to prepare for the big day, businesses do too.

“We make sure we are pretty much staffed, make sure we have enough product so we don't run out of anything because it's a big event here in Chattanooga,” said Louise Hannah, Operations Manager, Buffalo Wild Wings.

The Buffalo Wild Wings on Market Street is ready for the rush. On Sunday over a dozen waiters will serve hundreds. The more help, the less stress for the servers.

“Well we make sure that they don't get overwhelmed. We make sure that there is plenty of extra help, so they can run food and get it out to the guest,” said Hannah.

Over at Genghis Grill, the workers are feeling the rush. They’ve already seen IRONMAN competitors stop by for a meal.

“You know you can build your own bowl here, so it gives them a chance to eat healthy while they are practicing for the IRONMAN,” said Clayton Hardwick, Server, Genghis Grill.

Last year’s IRONMAN brought in big bucks for area businesses. Businesses are hoping profits look the same or even better than last year's.


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