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Ivy Academy senior searches for funding for a new weather station

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Andrew Hollingsworth can trace his passion for weather back to the age of four, a big turning point in his life.  

It was the age at which Andrew lost his dad.  His dad who would sit with him and watch The Weather Channel.  

Andrew  is autistic and up in a single parent home.  But, Andrew,  now a senior at Ivy Academy in Soddy Daisy, is nothing if not an overcomer.

"He's always checked weather, he wants everyone to know about air quality, he started the school flag program."  said Ivy Academy Director of Operations, Holly Slater 

Andrew also handles the recycling program at Ivy and in his spare time, even dabbles in a little Mozart.

But it's the weather that really stirs Andrew.    And it's a passion he wants to pass on to others.

So it was a big expense, and more than a lot of work, but Holly managed to get funding for Andrew to get his own weather station to use at Ivy.

"I wanted a weather station and when Miss Holly bought it, it made my day." said Andrew

So you can imagine how disappointing it was when the weather station disappeared one day.  

Stolen right off the pole on which it was perched.

"I was going to try to program it show all the weather data for my peers to view on a day to day basis."

The school has tried unsuccessfully so far to get funding for a replacement weather station, but the clock is running out for Andrew to be a part of it.
"Andrew is graduating and wants to pass this down and it could be his legacy."

It's not the same, but Andrew still finds ways to tell his school the weather and air quality every day.  After all, remember, Andrew IS an overcomer.

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