Cameron Bean, 28, was not only a nationally ranked runner, but he was a running coach here in Chattanooga. One of his most passionate athletes was his father, Steve.

"It was a year-long process that we had done together, every single day," Steve Bean said, "And I needed to finish what I, what we, had started."

Steve Bean signed up for the IRONMAN last year with the promise of Cameron's coaching every step of the way.
Last weekend Cameron was hit by a car while running. He died from his injuries on Monday.
Cameron's father, filled with grief, anger, and sadness, said he was done with the race.

"When he died...I didn't want to do it," Steve said.

But the next day, Steve went for a run. Something Cameron told him to do many times, (he was known for saying, "Just go for a run" during any situation).
And on that run he had a change of heart.
Steve will do the race. For Cameron.

"I think he'll be with me, he'll push me through it," Steve said, "I just want him to know... that I did it for him."

Cameron's strength will continue to make a difference even after his death.
He was an organ donor, and has already given five other people the chance for a healthier life.

"I believe it was Wednesday night they took his organs, and by midnight someone had his heart," said Lisa Bean, "So we're very, very happy for that person."

A memorial fund for Cameron has already raised more than $15,000.

The Beans hope it will help young local runners team up with professional mentors.
Because running was Cameron's passion and his parents hope other runners will always be safe while doing what they love.

"If you see a runner, or a bicyclist, just slow down and give them a little space," Steve said.

There will be a Celebration of Life ceremony for Cameron on Saturday  at 11 a.m. at the Baylor School Chapel.
On Sunday, Cameron's father will compete in his first IRONMAN.

For more information on organ donations, click here.   

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