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UPDATE: Judge rules pro wrestler ineligible for Ringgold mayoral race

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UPDATE: A professional wrestler in Ringgold can't run for mayor.

A judge ruled Wednesday that Paul Lee also known as "The Real Nature Boy" is ineligible to run because of inconsistencies with his housing.
Lee owns two homes, one in the county and one in the city.
Lee lives part time in the Bluff View neighborhood, but official say that isn't enough.
He's now out of the race, but plans to take the city to court.

The race for mayor is heating up in Ringgold after one candidate, a professional wrestler, has been ruled ineligible to run for office.

The controversy surrounds two different homes belonging to pro-wrestler and local businessman, "The Real Nature Boy" Paul Lee.

"A bunch of residents came to me and asked me to become mayor because our city needs savin'," said Lee, standing in his wrestling ring. 

Lee was one of four candidates on the November mayoral ballot. But just last week, the city deemed him ineligible to run for office due to residency concerns.

"I've got two residences. I wasn't trying to hide it," Lee said.

According to city election rules, a mayoral candidate must be a Ringgold resident for at least 12 months.

Lee has two homes -- one in the county, and one in the city.

His residence in question is a home in the Bluff View neighborhood. Lee says he has lived there part-time.

After city officials noted Lee changed the address on his driver's license just last month, the election superintendent ruled he was ineligible to run.

Now, the campaign has taken another interesting turn.

"People started calling me up, saying my signs were going missing. I had 25 taken in one night. Four of them, right out of my own front yard," Lee said.

He believes he could be a target,in part, because he's a pro wrestler.

"Today I got a call from a lady in Chattanooga. She found one (sign) in a dumpster," Lee said.

Despite being off the ballot for now, The Real Nature Boy's campaign efforts are still going strong. He said he's not tapping out of this race just yet.

"If people hate you, or think they're trying to help the other people by taking your signs," Lee said, "I've got hundreds more. I'll keep putting signs back up. But it is a crime."

Channel 3 reached out to one of Lee's opponents, current Ringgold Vice-Mayor Nick Millwood, who challenged Lee's eligibility.

Millwood said: "I considered ignoring his candidacy because of all the media coverage that would ultimately come about by challenging it. What I kept coming back to was that in a small community like Ringgold, a few unjust votes could sway our election. Our citizens deserve a fair election. The challenge was the right thing to do, and I have no regrets."

Lee's appeal hearing is scheduled for September 30th. Election Day is November 3rd.

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