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IRONMAN, firefighter, father competes for first time since son's death

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IRONMAN is back in town and a Chattanooga firefighter is once again taking on the challenge.

Jason Greer works at Station 19. 
He competed in the IRONMAN last September to raise money to find a cure for childhood cancers.

"I really didn't get the training in like I did last year, my heart just really wasn't in it," Greer said. 
Channel 3 first met Greer last year when he signed up for his first IRONMAN competition.
That's when we learned the only thing keeping him in the race was his love, and respect, for his 18-year old son Tristin.

"Tristin never quit on anything," Greer said, "And so, you know he would be mad at me if I used my broken heart as an excuse not to do the race."

Tristin passed away in May after battling neuroblastoma, a rare disease that causes brain tumors, for more than five years.
This Sunday Greer will once again swim, bike, and run a total of 140.6 miles. With him are his memories of last year's finish, where Tristin was at the finish line to put a medal around his father's neck.

"Instead of having Tristin at the finish line, I'll have him in here," Greer said with his hand over his heart, "You know I still want to do this for him, again."

But Greer won't be alone.

He's racing with 11 other teammates who have raise more than $35,000 to go toward Emily's Power for a Cure and The Make a Wish Foundation.
Team leader Wendy Ransom hopes Greer's journey inspires more people to get involved.

"I think that when people see Jason, I hope that they'll remember Tristin," Ransom said, "I hope that they'll see Jason is fighting the fight that Tristin started, and he's just continuing Tristin's fight until we find a cure for neuroblastoma."

As Ransom says, the fight to finish this weekend's IRONMAN is nothing compared to the fight for children facing neuroblastoma.

Greer says, he will never give up the fight.

"You know if I don't make it across this year, I'll definitely do it again next year," he said, "And be in great shape next year for it."

For more information on Emily's Power for a Cure, or to make a donation, click here.

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