The city of Chattanooga will build the city’s first protected bike lanes along Broad Street, between Martin Luther King Boulevard and Aquarium Way.

According to the city, the lanes are the result of “extensive planning and community visioning first initiated by hundreds of community participants in the Center City planning process of Fall 2013.”

The lanes will are expected to help spur an increase in sidewalk and street activity, as well as improve downtown retail business.

Such lanes are already in places in cities such as Austin, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

During the construction phase, motorists are reminded by the city to be aware of the changes:

  • Parking - the project scope will retain parallel, on-street parking along the full length of the street.  Parking will be temporarily unavailable during construction only, first on the west side of the street and then on the east, for construction, but will be restored as soon as possible upon completion. 
  • Travel Lanes - two travel lanes in both directions will be maintained permanently upon project completion.  This configuration is well above the standard amount of space needed for the average traffic that exists on Broad Street. 
  • Bike Lane - the project scope will provide for a new separated and buffered bike lane in what was formerly the parking lane, between the sidewalk and on-street parking.  This configuration is encouraged by national agencies as it encourages the safety of a physical buffer for both people on bikes and sidewalks.
  • Sidewalks - will not be altered but are expected to see increased pedestrian activity with the improvements to the street.