Jordan Clark's was the 18th homicide in the city this year, but to his family and to his community, he is more than a statistic. The 20-year old was gunned down in a neighborhood full of people, at a time of day when anyone could have been victim. For all of these reasons and more, everyone who had any part in this crime needs to be caught and with Crime Stoppers, we have money and anonymity to convince you to help.

"The disregard that these individuals have for human life is astounding," said Chattanooga Police Officer Mark Frazer. We met with him at a makeshift memorial on Willow Street put together then rebuilt by the community after recent vandalism. It marks the spot where Jordan Clark was killed.
Frazer described what happened that evening. "August 25th about 8 PM, not long after sunset," he said, "a PT Cruiser comes screaming through this neighborhood and someone inside start shooting."

9-1-1 recordings, played in court on Tuesday, captured the terror of the moment. In one, a witness says there must have been 30 shots fired. Clark was dead, others were injured. The recordings were played at a first court appearance for Christopher Walton, a 20-year old gang member, who was picked up and charged with murder. "That's not the end of the story," Officer Frazer countered. "There's more to this and we want citizens' help."

In another recording, the witness describes there being at least 4 black males in the vehicle. They all need to face justice.

There is a 'no snitch' culture that hampers these kinds of investigations. This is Crime Stoppers. You do not have to fear retaliation. "This is an anonymous tip," Frazer explained. "All I want is a phone call. Tell me what you know, give me a phone number to reach you, and your name never gets broadcast your name never goes out. This is completely anonymous and gives you an opportunity to earn a reward."

If up to $1,000 doesn't speak to you, maybe a grieving mother will. We spoke to Satedra Smith, Clark's Mother, the day after he was slain "His life mattered to me," she said. "His life mattered to his two sisters and his brothers and two fathers. It mattered to them."

Help put an end to this nonsense. This city has shown its resilience and ability to unite over the past few months. Let us use that same spirit to take back our streets and neighborhoods and defeat this evil.

Up to $1,000 is waiting for the right piece of information.

Call: 423-698-3333

A police officer may answer the phone or return your call, but he will never ask your name.