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Chattanooga shooting victim's memorial burned

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The mother of a Chattanooga shooting victim says her grief has been interrupted by an act of cruelty.

She says someone burned a roadside memorial honoring her son who was shot and killed last month. She says the burning has only inspired her to fight even harder for justice.

"The fact that you take my child's life and then you go out and commit a malicious attack on his memorial, the only thing you're doing is, I think, you're fueling the fire. But at the same time you're giving us more inspiration," says Satedra Smith.

Twenty-year-old Jordan Clark was shot and killed August 25 as he walked down North Willow Street in Chattanooga.
"My baby really meant a lot to a lot of people," says Smith.

Two weeks after his funeral, someone set fire to the sidewalk memorial honoring Jordan's life, scorching stuffed animals and other momentos, as well as the fence and telephone pole.
"It's childish. And malicious. And I guess they have nothing else to do with their time," says Smith.

Satedra says it is not going to stop her from pushing for justice in her son's murder.
"My higher power is so much bigger than they are. And my faith belief, I'm not scared a bit. Not a bit," she says.

Family and friends have already placed more candles and teddy bears on the sidewalk.
"You're just making him shine even more. The smile that he carried on his face right here, yeah, it'll shine."

Police say the shooting was gang related.

Satedra says she may never know the true motivation behind the crime.
"I don't know. That I don't know."

She wants the man accused of the killing, 20-year-old Christopher Walton, to face the consequences. 
"Each and every time that I need to be here for a court appearance I'm going to be here," says Smith.

Christopher Walton is charged with 1st degree murder, reckless endangerment, and two counts of aggravated assault.

His next court appearance is Tuesday, September 22.

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