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Chattanoogans honor firefighters killed on 9/11

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“I remember when all of this happened. I was like wow what could I do,” said Tally Glover, Captain.

Hundreds were on a mission Saturday to remember those lost on September 11th, 2001.

“They tried to climb it, and we are going to climb it to finish it,” said Mike Rush, Firefighter, Chattanooga Fire Department. 

Each with a picture around their neck of a firefighter who perished on 9/11, these men and women remembered the firefighters who died by climbing the SunTrust building and finishing the climb that those firefighters could not.

“We climb this building an equivalent of eight times and it's over 15 floors. So it's over 110 stories,” said Rush.

The steps equal the number of stories of the World Trade Center. Along their climb Saturday were pictures of firefighters who died in the Twin Towers on that September day.

“It takes them a little bit, they look at it, and kind of wild by it,” said Rush.

The participants say it takes a lot of energy to get through it all.

“That’s part of it, you got to push through,” said Rush. 

This year’s climb not only paid respect to the victims of 9/11, but also our Fallen Five who died in the July 16th attack.

“You sacrifice things that not a lot of people will do. And when things happen to them, even though they are not in our service, we going to try to help anybody else,” said Rush. 

It cost $35 to participate. 50% of the money raised Saturday will be donated to the compassion fund to help the families of the fallen five. the other half goes to the national fallen firefighters foundation.

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