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Band of the Week: Whitwell High School

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The band at Whitwell High School is a compact 14 members, this year, but it is growing. Michael Griffith, in his fourth year as director, said, "For a smaller group they have a lot of heart!"

They are hard workers, too. There were some difficulties with scheduling, but those who were able to stick it out are super willing to stay after and help out with younger students. Match that spirit with a bequest that helped them buy some new equipment, and new-to-them drums from Hixson High when they upgraded, and you have a program on the move.

The group is still filling out to do a half-time show, but they attend all Whitwell home games and as many away games as possible. They are also getting pumped up to march Christmas parades in Jasper and South Pittsburg. Griffith added, "This is one of the hardest-working groups I've ever had the pleasure of teaching."

The Whitwell Band could use a little help to keep their momentum going. If anyone is looking for new homes for their instruments or equipment, a place where young musicians will treasure them and put them to good use, get in touch with Mr. Griffith in the Whitwell Band Room. Also, check in for a beef jerky fund-raiser in the spring and, this winter, they may be selling donuts.

Follow them on Twitter: @WhitwellBand

Thanks so much to Mr. Griffith and the students at Whitwell High School, our Friday Night Football Band of the Week. (Go, Tigers!)

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