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No snitch culture prevents family from ever finding closure

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Charles Allen Jones, Junior was murdered more than a year ago on Fagan Street in Chattanooga. His family is still searching for the killer. Police know the murderer but there's a reason there's been no arrests and it has to do with the city's no snitch culture.

"I was on the phone talking with him and as soon as I hung up, five minutes later, someone called me back and said my son had got shot,' Cynthia Jones said.

Cynthia Jones will never forget the day her son was murdered in Chattanooga. Charles Jones died February 1, 2014. Family and friends gather on would've been his 25th birthday (Sept. 17) for a balloon release at his grave site.

"Actually its been 17 months and 16 days, counting today," said Sherrica Stallion, the mother of Charles' oldest son. "It's just really hurting to see my son without his daddy. That's the main thing."

Charles had a son with Sherrica Stallion. Now 8 years old, Charles Jones III often asks: who killed his father? In fact, that's a question the entire family is asking.

"I just need closure, no justice, no peace," Cynthia said.

People witnessed the murder and police know the killer but the city's no snitch culture makes it impossible for police to make arrests and attorneys to prosecute some of these crimes.

"Witnesses came forward and provided information that would lead to enough probable cause to affect an arrest," Chattanooga Police Dept. Spokesman Kyle Miller said in an email to Channel 3. "Unfortunately, the witnesses were unwilling to provide the recorded statements that would be needed to prosecute the case."

The witnesses also refused to testify in court and police won't be able to make any arrests until they choose to cooperate.

"Just go turn yourself in. I don't wish nothing bad on you cause you've got a family too, you've probably got kids just like he had kids. You gotta answer to God, I can't judge you," Stallion said.

Jones was one of 27 people murdered in 2014 in Chattanooga and ten of those cases remain unsolved.

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