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No Breastfeeding Allowed?

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(WXIA)  A letter promising change was sent to a Georgia mom after she was kicked out of a locker room after trying to breastfeed her baby.

Caroline Hoffman was wearing her 7-month-old son Elliott in a baby carrier in the locker room of the L.A. Fitness in Buford when she was asked to leave. 

Caroline feeds Elliott in the carrier, snuggled close to her body, and covered with a drape. Despite the discrete method of feeding, she was told it's not allowed because children are not allowed in the gym's locker rooms. Hoffman said she was embarrassed and didn't know about the rule, because there were no posted signs.

When she asked where she could breastfeed her son, she was given two options: the bathroom stall in the kids club area, or the chair near the front door.

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