Wednesday’s tribute to the Fallen 5 brought more than 75,000 people to the Riverfront, along with big names like Harry Connick Jr. Samuel L. Jackson, Brantley Gilbert, Colt Ford, Trace Adkins and Aaron Lewis also took the stage. 

Chattanooga Unite raised more than $75,000 dollars in cash.

“We are still in there counting. The buckets were crammed full with money,” said Mickey McCamich, member, Friends of the Festival.

Checks amounting to $200,000 were also presented on stage. Every dollar goes to the families of the Fallen 5.

“The Marines paycheck, the Navy paycheck, those paychecks will cease. Then where are they going to turn to. Well that's where the National Compassion Fund will step in,” said McCamich.

Channel 3 wanted to know if they will turn the tribute concert into an annual event, we are told by organizers it's up in the air right now.