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Clinton takes on Trump

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(NBC News)  Polls are trending the wrong way for Hillary Clinton.

Questions over use of her personal email server have poll numbers in a free fall, losing 21 points in the past three months.  Both Vice President Joe Biden, who is not in the race, and Senator Bernie Sanders benefited from Clinton's political problems.

Campaigning Monday in Iowa, Clinton took jabs at Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

"If it's all the same to you Mr. Trump, I would rather you stop cherishing us and respect us instead," Clinton said, referring to Trump's recent defense of his treatment of women.

On the Republican side, 11 candidates will be in the main debate Wednesday after a rule change to account for Carly Fiorina's recent jump in the polls.   Still, all eyes will be on the Republican front-runners who are political outsiders: Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.   

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