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Cool and dry today. Warming, but staying dry next week.

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Good Sunday.  If you thought yesterday was an amazing day (and it was), just get a load of today!  After a cool start with temps in the upper 40s and low 50s this morning, it will stay cool and dry all afternoon with the high only managing to get to 74 degrees.  The average high is 84.  Tonight will be similar to this morning with the low in Chattanooga once again dropping to about 50.

We will be a little warmer Monday afternoon, but a great day still.  Skies will be sunny as we climb to 80 degrees.

Temps will continue to climb through the week into the mid 80s.  It will be dry all week, however, with mostly sunny skies and fairly low humidity.  Lows through the week will rebound back into the low 60s next week.

A preview of NEXT weekend shows highs around 86 degrees with partly cloudy skies both Saturday and Sunday.

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8am... Sunny, 54

Noon... Sunny, 67

5pm... Sunny, 74

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