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Band of the Week: Chattanooga Christian School

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The Chattanooga Christian School Charger Band is 30 members strong and growing every year. Director Randy Cantrell says the student quality and individual musicianship gets better and better.

The group performs from the stands at all home games. We happened to stop by CCS on a theme night and caught many decked out in leis, aloha shirts, and grass skirts. Yes, in the band may be athletes and take AP classes, while these guys and gals may be serious students, they still know how to have fun!

Those various activities and sporting pursuits keep the group from staging a traditional band camp, but they are definitely an integral part of Gamenight atmosphere. To support the program, the athletic department lets them work a parking lot during the season. That infuses the music depart budget with some $4,000, each year over the course of five home games.

A great tradition Mr. Cantrell has begun with his group is installing a sense of service. Charger Band members clean their area of the stands and more after the games and more. They also do their best to make visiting band members feel welcomed at CCS.  They order pizza or take their opponents drinks to say 'thanks for coming.'

Cantrell said, he wants them to make their mark with music, "...but the next important thing is the relationships. The musician in the practice room, by himself, doesn't really reach anyone. So, we're trying to find ways to reach people but, also do things that validate our music through relationships."

Well said and well done. Thanks to the students at Chattanooga Christian, the Charger Band, our Friday Night Football Band of the Week!

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