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Local mother honors son killed on 9/11

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Fourteen years later, Michael Baksh's relatives gather in Chattanooga to watch his mother recite the names of those who died on September 11, 2001.
It was Michael’s first day of work at a insurance company. At age 36 he was working in the North Tower the day of the attacks. 

“He was on the 94th floor, and in the impact zone where the first plane hit on that day, the thought is that he was basically vaporized,” said Maureen Baksh, sister.

As tragedy unfolded on live television Baksh's family watched, waiting for answers. 

“We did not know which floor my brother worked on. I did not know which part of the building. You get into the mechanics of the plane came from the north, maybe he was on the south end, but which floor was he on,” said Baksh.

Family members met in New York to hand out missing person fliers after not hearing from Michael.

“We went to the staging areas in lower Manhattan looking for him, but it became very clear that it wouldn't be no survivors,” said Baksh.

Now 14 years later, Maureen honors her brother's memory by volunteering in disaster situations and teaching others about disaster preparedness.

“I teach nursing at a small community college so we do disaster simulations and try to put our thumbprint on each of our nursing students that you are a nurse 24/7,” said Baksh.

Maureen has also taken part in the annual Memorial Service in New York -- reading names of those lost. This year, her mother was given the opportunity. One that this family says is a symbol of healing, and a way to honor Michael.

Martha Baksh read the names of those lost on 9/11 with last names beginning with H.

She was selected through a raffle system. 

The Baksh family says by participating the in the event they feel closer to Michael, who they remember as an amazing person with many talents.

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