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UPDATE: Chattanooga boys walk 11 miles on September 11

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UPDATE: Now a little update about two brothers Channel 3 has featured before.
Zane and Xander got to meet the entire Chattanooga Police Department SWAT team. 
The brothers, ages 6 and 11 trained for weeks to walk 11 miles to remember the lives lost on 9-11.
This year on, 9-11, they took to the Walnut Street Bridge, with strangers who supported their cause, and walked across it until their mission was completed. 

They may have been born years after September 11, 2001 but two Chattanooga brothers say it is a day everyone should remember.

The two young boys have been training for months to walk 11 miles on September 11.

Six-year-old Xander and his 11-year-old brother, Zane, say they are both interested in joining the military one day. They walked Friday not only to honor the lives of those lost on September 11, but also the five heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in Chattanooga on July 16.

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"This is the most inspirational thing I've seen in years," said Cecil Hunt.

"They've been training for two months now," said Marci Hardesty.

Zane and Xander are walking to honor the fallen.
"When the July 16th shootings happened, it really tore them apart. Because they couldn't understand why so many people want to give their lives to this country and to sacrifice for this country and then other people want to tear it apart," said their mother, Marci.

"We're doing it in honor of the people who have been lost and who have fallen in the 9-11 tragedy," said Zane.

 "I've always raised them, learning about what goes on in the world and knowing that to change it, it has to be within them," said Hardesty.
"I was honored to come and be with these kids," said Cecil Hunt.

Hunt took the day off from work to walk with them.

Eleven miles, about 25 trips back and forth across the Walnut Street bridge.
"Kids at this age to understand the level of stuff that most Americans may not or know how to express is unbelievable," said Hunt.

With each lap, the crowd grew, at one point members of the Chattanooga Police Department stopping by to say thanks.
"It feels nice," said Zane.

"If a six year old and an 11 year old get it, there's no excuse for us," said Hardesty.

The boys hope to inspire and encourage other young people to make a difference in their community.
"They'll start doing projects in honor of our veterans and stuff," said Zane.

 "I'm extremely proud of them," said Hardesty. "It makes my heart melt to know that my boys are taking a good righteous path."
"That's what makes Nooga strong. This is Nooga strong right here," said Hunt.

The two boys have also been raising money for '22 Too Soon,' an organization aimed at raising awareness about veteran suicide. For more information click here.

They also support the 'Red White and Blue Team,' a veteran support group. For more information click here.

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