UPDATE: District Attorney General Steve Crump tweeted Wednesday that former Cleveland police officer Edwin Millan was sentenced to three years after his conviction for making a false report, tampering with evidence and insurance fraud.

Millan was convicted in October of 2016 after he hired a person to drive his personal vehicle across state lines and burn it so he could collect the insurance money.

He was fired from his job with the Cleveland Police Department.

PREVIOUS STORY:  Former Cleveland police officer Edwin Millan was convicted on Thursday of Insurance Fraud, Tampering with Evidence, and Making a False Report.

The Bradley County Criminal Court jury ordered Millan to pay a fine, and he will be sentenced to jail in January of 2017.

Millan was terminated from his job as an officer, due to a previous indictment.

PREVIOUS STORY:  For the second time in two months, a Bradley County grand jury has indicted former Cleveland Police Officer Edwin Millan.

Millan, who is accused of hiring someone to burn his vehicle so he could collect insurance money, turned himself in over the weekend  and was released on bond.

The new charges include official misconduct, conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, filing a false or fraudulent insurance claim, making a false report and tampering with evidence. The new charges are not related to the first indictment that led to him being dismissed by the Cleveland Police Department.  

Millan is appealing the department’s decision to terminate him.

PREVIOUS STORY: Cleveland Police Officer has been indicted on charges of insurance fraud.
A Bradley County grand jury indicted Edwin Millan this morning on charges of insurance fraud, conspiracy to commit insurance fraud and filing false reports.
According to court documents, Millan paid someone $500 to drive his 2011 Chrysler 300 across state lines and burn it. Millan is accused of then reporting his car stolen and filing a false insurance claim with Geico Insurance Company.
Millan was arrested and booked in the Bradley County Jail following the indictment.

The Cleveland Police Department placed Millan on paid administrative leave last week.

PREVIOUS STORY: 10th District Attorney General Steve Crump tells Channel 3 in a statement that Acting Chief Mark Gibson had called the day after the incident and asked the D.A.'s Office to investigate.  General Crump asked the Criminal Investigation Division of the Tennesse Highway Patrol to get involved. 

The completed investigation is under review to determine the best course of action. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Another Cleveland police officer is under investigation.

Channel 3 has learned that CPD officer Edwin Millan has been placed on paid administrative, effective September 10. 

Millan, who’s been with the CPD since 2008, is being investigated by District Attorney Steve Crump after a car was discovered ablaze in May.

Millan was revealed to be the car’s owner, but he alleges that the car was stolen.

This news comes as the city is finalizing the details in hiring a new police chief, amid a series of events leading to several police chiefs being hired and fired in a rapid succession.