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Parents of missing Cleveland teen speak

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Joe Keller, a 19-year old from Bradley County, inexplicably disappeared while on a run in Colorado. "Joe's been missing now exactly 7 weeks, today.," said his father Neal Keller.

Sheriff Eric Watson arranged for Joe's parents to share their story in an effort to get more people involved in the search. He's convinced someone knows something. "Just not in Colorado," he said, "but anywhere in the United States and outside the United States. We're looking all angles on this."

Joe Keller was on a road-trip with friends in July. They stopped at the Rainbow Trout Ranch in Antonito, Colorado, for a quick run. The plan was 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back, a one hour trail jog. A plan, his father says, should not have carried him more than 3 to 4 miles away from his starting point. His cell phone was left in his bags in his vehicle. Keller has not been seen since.

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Finding anyone who may have seen anything has been difficult. Traffic in the area is transient with hikers and outdoor enthusiasts moving in and out. "A lot of campers in that area that potentially could have seen, heard, something," explained Neal Keller. "They're all back home where they came from now."

The Colorado County has limited resources and authorities there suspended their search after two weeks. "They're baffled that they can't find a clue," the distraught father said and added he would be pleased to see the Colorado Bureau of Investigation get involved.

The days since their son's disappearance have been stressful for Neal and Zoe Keller. "It's pretty difficult to describe to you what it's been like," said Neal.

"He's just a good kid," Mother Zoe added. "He's upright, doesn't drink or do drugs or smoke, he goes to college and does his sport and he's just a regular kid."

Joe was described as being an outgoing, adventurous, health-conscious son and he is still missing. "The people of Bradley County want to find their son," said Sheriff Watson. "He's one of our people, he was a citizen in the heart of this community he's a part of it and it's important to us all."

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The sheriff says all eventualities are being considered: from Joe simply falling off the trail to the possibility of him having been abducted.

The key to solving this case may come in sharing this story and getting it in front of more people across state lines.

If you have information about Keller's disappearance, call: 1-844-FIND-JOE.

The Kellers are thankful for the help they have received, so far, locally from their community and from authorities and volunteers out west. "Thanks for the prayers," said Neal. "Please, keep praying."

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