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ONLY ON 3: Chattanooga brothers ages 6 &11, train to walk 11 miles for Sept. 11

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It may have been raining Wednesday morning -- but the weather didn't stop two little Chattanooga boys, from honoring our country and the sacrifices made to keep it free. 
The brothers, ages 6 and 11 are training to walk 11 miles on Friday, the 14th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. 

Eleven year-old Zane says he wants to be a Navy Seal, his 6-year-old brother Xander tells us he will be a Marine. The two are honoring our fallen five, our nation's veterans and all of the lives lost September 11th with a special walk. They hope you too will join their mission this Friday---to raise awareness.

 "We just wanted to do it to raise awareness," said Zane, 11-years-old. 

The two brothers have been training on the track together, for weeks. 

"We've been walking up to 5 miles," said Xander, 6-years-old. 

They're getting physically and mentally prepared for a special project Friday September 11th 

"We are walking 11 miles to represent the people who were lost and affected by 9/11," said Zane.

They say the idea to do something special, to make a difference came after visiting the July 16 shooting memorials in Chattanooga 

"We started whenever that shooting happened at the Navy Recruiting Center," said Zane.

They thought 'why not' complete a special veterans project each month to show their love and support. 

"It's to love and support our veterans," said Zane. 

A few weeks ago the these two passed out flyers for 

"22 veterans die everyday because of PTSD," said 6-year-old Xander. 

"Reporter: What do you want all of the veterans in Chattanooga to know? Xander: To not be scared.....there is help."

Their plan is to carry an American flag at least 25 times across the Walnut Street bridge Friday morning. 
They'll also be carrying pictures of veterans to raise awareness about PTSD.
They're asking anyone who believes in their mission to join them.

"Reporter: If you want to stop are you going to stop? Zane: No. 
Reporter: You're going to push through?  Zane: Yes. We're going to go to the walking bridge and start walking..... come walk with us."

The boys say they will be there bright and early around 9 a.m. rain or shine. Anyone is invited to walk with them, they say they hope to meet many local veterans.
To find out more about their 11 on the 11th walk visit their Warriors in Training Facebook page:

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