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Another local vet clinic robbed of heartworm, flea medication

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A Dalton vet clinic is the latest business to be the target of an unusual robbery. 

Thieves broke in Sunday night to the National Spay Alliance Foundation and left with thousands of dollars worth of flea, tick and heartworm medication.

"This sort of targeted attack on a specific product line is not something I've ever seen, and I've worked all over the country," said Clinic Founder Pam Pierce, "I've just never seen this."
Pierce arrived at work and saw the back door to her non-profit vet clinic had been forced open with a crow bar.

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The National Spay Alliance Foundation opened in Dalton about 6 months ago. Its mission is to help families afford pet care at low cost.

"The loss for us was in the ball park of $7,000 in product," Pierce said, "As a non-profit that's incredibly difficult to recover from."

Pierce was forced to turn away customers after thieves wiped her shelves clear of flea, tick and heartworm medication. Everything else was left untouched, including a jar full of cash donations.

"It was very specific what they were looking for," Pierce said, "That they just grabbed it and moved right on."

Pierce wasn't aware of the trend until she found other Channel 3 reports online.
Three other clinics in the area were robbed of the same items this summer. Others were targeted in Chattanooga and Cleveland.
So far no arrests have been made in those cases.

"All clinics I think are vulnerable since this seems to be a pretty specific pattern that they're taking," Pierce said.

Pierce is hoping the more vet clinics learn about this ongoing crime spree -- the greater the chances of eventually catching the thieves.

"I'll make sure that I call every clinic this afternoon just to let them know," she said.

The Whitfield County Sheriff's Office says this is the first time a vet clinic has been robbed in recent years. A detective is now working on the case and investigation the possibility of all vet clinic robberies being related.

Police think people are stealing this medication to sell it for a lower price online or at flea markets.

But veterinarians want warn pet owners -- taking this medication could be fatal for your animal without a properly diagnosed prescription.

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