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Warm, humid today, with isolated storms east of town

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Good Tuesday.  Warm and humid.  Rainy.  Cool and dry.  All of these can be used to describe our weather over the next week.

We start with the warm and humid.  Today will climb to 89 degrees.  Skies will be partly cloudy and low pressure of the coast of South Carolina could spin in a storm or two east of Chattanooga.

Wednesday a front will approach from the west.  It will spawn widely scattered showers and storms.  I don't expect any severe weather, but some periods of heavy rain are possible.  I would expect about an inch of rain on average around the area.  The high will stay at about 85 Wednesday.

Thursday will be cloudy with scattered showers and storms.  They will not be as numerous or widespread, but they could pop up at any time through the day.  We will manage a high of 84 degrees.

Friday through the weekend will be much cooler and drier.  Highs will hover near 80 degrees each afternoon with lows dropping to about 60 over the weekend.

While the rain chance will be low, Friday through Sunday, The front bringing us the cooler weather will stall to our south, and that could allow for one or two showers, but it is not likely, and, overall, I would expect a cool, nice weekend.

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8am... Patchy Fog, 70

Noon... Mostly Sunny, 84

5pm... Spotty Storms East, 89

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