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One BBQ joint needs some scrubbing and two eateries get 98's

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A busy week for Hamilton County Health Inspectors who continue to check out area swimming pools. As for the restaurant visits, the inspectors are handling those as well, but this week we only have 15 eateries on the list and the best news is there are no failing grades to report. 

Remember, a failing grade is any score lower than 70.
The low score of the week, which really wasn't that bad, was an 86 at Chubby's BBQ on Rossville Boulevard. 

The inspector reports dented cans, floors and walls need cleaning and repairing. Also the cutting boards need replacing and the meat slicer was dirty.
Now for the high score of the week. How about a tie at 98?

Hats off to the employees at the Wendy's on OoltewahGeorgetown Road and Bitter Alibi in downtown Chattanooga on Houston Street. 

Nice job! 

Now there is one more thing to tell you about. We always need to congratulate the employees when they make an effort to do things right and take pride in where they work

Ryans in Hixson brought their score up from a failing 53 to an impressive 96. Now that's worth celebrating!
As always if you have a compliant about a restaurant, hotel or motel even a place where you work out, call the Health Department Complaint Line at 423-209-8110. Someone is there every weekday between 8:00am - 4:00pm to answer your calls.

Enjoy your meal!

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